Barber Trims 100 Pounds and Gets a Whole New Look

As a skilled barber, Tristan Gutierrez makes his living helping other people look their best. But, until last year, the 21-year-old was rather unhappy with his own appearance.

Tristan had always been a self-described “big guy,” but after high school his weight climbed to more than 300 pounds, prompting his doctor to warn him about early onset diabetes and other health risks. He had little to no energy. Other than work, he spent his time sleeping because he always felt so tired. Tristan also felt uncomfortable in social situations and avoided going out.

Finally, in February of 2017, Tristan walked into the Max Muscle Nutrition store in Placerville, California, which is in the same shopping center as his barbershop. He knew he needed to make a real and lasting change—one that would help him lose weight, get in shape, and feel energized.

“I heard good things about the meal plans from Max Muscle,” Tristan said. “It went so well that I am now down more than 100 pounds.”

Tristan worked with Jon Meyer, owner of the Max Muscle Nutrition franchise, who created a personalized meal plan made up of 40 percent protein, 40 percent carbohydrates, and 20 percent healthy fats. Jon also suggested that Tristan supplement his diet with protein, vitamins, and a pre-workout formula.

After that, Tristan said it felt like the pounds just started to drop off. Changing his entire approach to food was not easy, however. “I was used to eating everything I could get my hands on,” Tristan said. “What worked for me was to try living one day at a time.”

Eventually, the healthy eating plan was something Tristan got used to doing. He liked the progress he was making and felt eager to see more improvements.

“I started wanting to see what more I could do for myself instead of just giving in to the next meal,” Tristan said. “I started going to the gym, lifting weights, and getting cardio.”

Now Tristan goes to the gym every day after work and he recently joined a boxing gym where he builds strength, conditions for endurance, and even practices sparring.

With such a dramatic change in his appearance—100 pounds lighter—some of Tristan’s barbershop customers hardly recognize him. His friends and family are impressed with his progress, elated that he is now energetic and healthy.

The key, according to Jon who has helped many customers with weight loss transformations, is to be consistent.

“Tristan stayed with it week after week after week, and that’s what it takes,” Jon said. “I’m pumped for him. He had a goal set to lose weight and be healthy. He didn’t let anything deter him. Even if he had a little cheat meal now and then, he didn’t waste the whole weekend or even the day.”

For other people who want to know the secret to Tristan’s success, Tristan recommends that they make a plan and stick with it for six months at least. He said that often people will try for a week and not see enough results, then they give up. Or, they work out once a month and expect major change.

“Set a schedule and stick with it. If it feels good, keep it up,” Tristan said. “What happened to me is that I started to lose weight and I got a lot of energy. Now I am more comfortable and more confident.”

Tristan’s Supplements of Choice:


  • Daily one-hour gym regimen of cardio and weights
  • Plus, boxing

Meal Plan:

  • Breakfast: Two eggs and whole-grain toast
  • Lunch: Ground turkey, rice, vegetable
  • Dinner: Lean chicken, rice, vegetable
  • Snacks: Tuna with mustard instead of mayo, crackers
  • Before Bed: Protein shake to support metabolism

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By Jessica Wyland