Founded for better health

Deciding which fitness products we could trust and what supplements we could rely on always seemed like a shot in the dark. That’s why in 1991, Max Muscle Nutrition was founded with one goal in mind—to deliver top-quality nutrition supplements that we trusted to use ourselves.

Today, Max Muscle still champions that level of trust and integrity that got us started. In our effort to create reliable and quality supplement options, we built a new kind of fitness community where everyone is able to find the support they need.


We take pride in the quality of our supplement ingredients and formulas. Our products are independently tested by third-party companies to guarantee results. Every ingredient is picked with care by an in-house development team and backed by scientific research.

For 30 years, we’ve created top-quality products, selling millions to satisfied customers worldwide. Our commitment to quality has earned us an unblemished reputation of excellent products that anyone can use to achieve their healthier lifestyle.