Exercising on the Beach To Work on Your Body…and Your Tan

I’ve always been a gym guy, one who likes the sounds of weights as they clang together. The power and strength you get from pushing weights around is incredible. But sometimes you need a bit of a change to the everyday gym workout. You need to keep your workouts fresh, exciting.

Exercising on the beach was just the remedy, not only that, it enables you to work out AND get that fantastic tan your skin desires. Working out at the beach with a stretch cord is perfect. Guys, go shirtless for this workout and don’t hold back. Get that blood pumping with some calisthenics and warm ups in the sand, standard jumping jacks, stretching, and light jogging in the sand.

The workouts you get from the beach are some serious calorie burning exercises because of the balance it requires with sand between the toes. Your calves for example get a whole new workout jogging just from doing the same job that you would on a track. You usher in new demand for muscles in places you never thought muscles could grow.

One of the best reasons to get a beach workout routine in place is for those long 2 week tropical vacations some of you take every year. How many times have you run into the problem of not having the right equipment at your hotel you are staying at and then feel stuck not knowing what to do for exercise the whole trip? It sticks in the back of your head after day 3-4 of being out on a shore in the beauty of it all but not knowing what you can do to maintain that fabulous body you worked so hard to achieve beforehand.

Now you can maintain it just with your arms and legs and a simple stretch cord. Follow these workout sets on the beach and watch that body of yours tighten up fast. Finish your workout with a nice dip in the ocean to cool off. It’s all right there for you every step of the way. Here are a few exercising on the beach that will make your deltoids and biceps look terrific.

Extend arms shoulder length, proceed to stretch deltoid muscles, stretch 10-20 seconds

Side Bends
Stand grasping one end of a stretch band Proceed to bend at the waist. Hold extended bend position then return to start position.

Stand with feel shoulder length apart, arms full extended. Proceed to stretch left arm down to right toe. Pause, then return to start position. Proceed to stretch right arm to left foot toe. Pause, return to start position. Do 20-25 reps.

Sit at the end of beach sand mound or large log with flat surface with legs extended out together, slightly bent. Proceed to bend the knees and pull them into the chest. Pause, then return to start position.

Stand grasping a stretch cord in both hands, palms in at arms length in the front of the chest. Proceed to extend arms out to sides. Pause then return to starting position. Perform 15-20 reps.

Side Shoulders
Stand grasping a stretch band in both hands at sides. Keeping the arms straight, proceed to pull arms up out to sides until parallel to the ground with shoulders. Pause, then lower to start position. Do 15 reps.

Front Shoulders
Stand grasping stretch cord in front of waist, palms facing down. Proceed to raise palms up to shoulder length. Pause, then return to start position. Do 15-20 reps

Stand grasping one end of the stretch cord in the right hand. Proceed to curn the arm up until bicep meets forearm. Pause then return to the start position. Perform 15 reps.