Fat-Blasting, Booty-Shaping HIIT Workout

Niki Zager, the creator and owner of First Love Yourself Fitness LLC (FLY Fitness), has been personally training clients for the past three years nationwide. She teaches one-on-one and group sessions in both San Diego and Los Angeles.

This High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Booty Blasting workout is one of Niki’s favorites! It incorporates fun, efficient, and effective compound movements to increase your heart rate, burn more fat, and build lean muscle. You can perform this workout anywhere and it requires no equipment, just your body weight!

Due to the intensity level of this workout, you will burn more fat in a shorter period of time. This 20-minute workout will increase your metabolic rate for 24 hours after you have finished, helping you to burn more fat and calories than you would if you were to perform a steady-rate endurance cardio activity.

This type of workout has also recently been proven to help specifically target stomach fat, as it creates a metabolic environment that stimulates a higher proportional release of abdominal fat.

We hope you enjoy this high-energy workout anytime you need a quick fat-burning cardio session and don’t have a gym or equipment!

HOW TO: Do all three exercises of Circuit One in a row (30 seconds each exercise, for a total of 90 seconds), followed by a 60-second rest. Repeat this three times and then go on to the second circuit.


  • Power Skips
  • Five Pulse Squat To Power Jump
  • Switch Kicks

Power Skips: Lunge backwards with your left foot until your front left leg is at a 90-degree angle and then jump straight into the air on your right foot. Jump as high as you can and explode up as you bring your right knee into your chest. Softly land (toes to heel) and fall back into a lunge position.

Five Pulse Squats to Power Jumps: Stand in the normal squat position, feet about shoulder-width apart, toes out slightly and squat down. Pulse five times at the bottom of your squat, and then explode and jump all the way up through your toes, keeping a neutral spine. Land softly onto your feet and back into a squat position to go straight back into pulses. Keep the weight in your heels, butt back and down, knees never going over your toes, and shoulders square.

Switch Kicks: Begin by kicking one leg out in front of you until it is straight and parallel with the ground. As you bring this leg down begin to jump off the other foot and kick this leg into the air in the same fashion. You’re basically kicking straight out in front of you and switching feet as you jump. Land soft on your feet, keep your core tight and engaged throughout the entire exercise, and back straight. Only kick as high as feels comfortable yet challenging.


  • Curtsy Lunges
  • Side Lunges
  • Broad Jump with Quick Feet Back

Curtsy Lunges: Start out standing on one leg in a deep curtsy lunge position, head up, chest up, keeping your weight on your front heel. Don’t allow your knee to fall in front of your toes. Push off sideways, and drop your hips. Go back and forth working through your hips.

Side Lunges: Start out in a standing position, feet together, lunge straight out to one side with your right foot, bending your right knee. Keep the weight in your right heel and push your butt back and down. Push off your right foot hard to stand straight back up and continue for 15 seconds. Repeat on the left side.

Broad Jump with Quick Feet Back: Start with arms back then swing your arms forward to help with momentum as you broad jump forward. Land softly and then do quick feet (quick touches to the ground on the balls of your feet) going backwards.