Get the Best Workout & Recovery Benefits with These Two Products

In addition to choosing between the numerous supplements on the market, it’s important to know which supplement to take before, during, and after your workout to enhance performance and sustain energy. Learn more about how these two amazing products from Max Muscle Nutrition deliver premium ingredients to ensure the best workout and recovery benefits.

Agmatine Sulfate
Max Muscle’s Agmatine Sulfate contains the premier form of agmatine sulfate on the market – AGmass™ from Compound Solutions, Inc. This pure and natural source of agmatine is manufactured by modern fermentation methods and offers a number of benefits.

Agmatine is a vasodilator, which makes it an effective pre-workout formula by allowing for greater blood flow and a more efficient delivery of nutrients to your body’s tissues to support overall sports performance.

Agmatine Sulfate is not derived from 1,4 Diaminobutane, so it does not contain the main impurity 1,4 Diguanidinobutane found in some other forms of agmatine on the market. In the body, agmatine plays a role in nitric oxide (NO) synthesis and has an effect on cardiovascular, neuromodulatory and neurotransmitter functions. As a nootropic, agmatine may improve aspects of mental energy, focus, concentration, and motivation. Use Max Muscle Agmatine Sulfate in combination with a regular exercise program.

Max Muscle’s GlycoSYN is an innovative, science-based formula driven by two new and exciting low-glycemic, sustained- release carbohydrate sources – Carb10™ and ModCarb.™

Derived from pea starch, Carb10™ is an all-natural carbohydrate source for pre, intra, and post-workout fuel for muscle carbohydrate loading, glycogen replacement and facilitation of weight gain.

ModCarb™ contains six organic healthy grains including oats, amaranth, buckwheat, chia, millet and quinoa. These whole grains deliver nutrient-rich complex carbohydrates for optimal absorption and use by the body.

The combination of Carb10™ and ModCarb™ is an ideal carbohydrate mixture to help athletes sustain energy and enhance their performance. For best results, take GlycoSYN about an hour before your workout.

How Agmatine and GlycoSYN Work Together
Take GlycoSYN an hour before your workout. Then, about 15 – 20 minutes before working out, take a serving of agmatine with water to enhance GlycoSYN’s effect. Using these products together will give you both the nitric oxide and nootropic effects.

After a workout, combine a serving of GlycoSYN and Agmatine to replenish. Combining both products together yields a more efficient delivery of glucose into the muscle for glycogen synthesis. The agmatine is unflavored, so it is easy to incorporate without effecting taste. Looking for other products to stack? Try adding one of our protein supplements. Either Max Isolate Protein (fast acting) or MaxPRO Elite along with GlycoSYN and agmatine will give you great post-workout benefits.

Nutrient timing is important to obtain maximum benefits. You may have to experiment a little with dosing, as each person responds differently and have different needs based on sex, age and the types of sports and activities you’re performing. Don’t be discouraged. While some may find these products work great together immediately, others need a trial and error period to fine-tune their dosing.

What is Nutrient Timing and Why is It Important?
Simply stated, nutrient timing is knowing what to eat and when to eat it in order to maximize performance and recovery. There are three distinct phases of nutrient timing:

  • Energy Phase (just before and during a workout) — Made and stored in the muscle, glycogen is the main fuel used by the body during exercise. Exercises decreases glycogen levels, so the need for carbohydrates is important during this phase.
  • Anabolic Phase (within 45 minutes post-exercise) – During this phase, muscles are sensitive to insulin so you need to ingest the right nutrients in order increase both strength and endurance. Carbs are important during this phase to initiate the recovery process. Glycogen is replenished the fastest within an hour after exercising.
  • Growth Phase (rest of the day) – This phase occurs up to 20 hours after exercise when muscle growth and repair occurs. Consuming protein and carbs is important during this time.

Reference: Chambers, A., & Kravitz, L. (2009). Nutrient timing: The new frontier in fitness performance. AKWA: The Official Publication of the Aquatic Exercise Association22(4), 4-6.


“I get all my supplements from the Max Muscle Arden, here in Sacramento. I currently use 1.5 grams of agmatine sulfate added to Emerge as my pre-workout. The agmatine creates some insane pumps which along with the GlycoSYN, taken intra-workout, helps fuel my lifts while on a caloric deficit. I use it just about every training session though, whether I’m cutting or bulking!”

– Ethan Michael Oost, 27, Sacramento, CA 

“I love Max Muscle’s GlycoSYN because I am very picky about what I put in my body and Max Muscle has the highest quality supplements on the market. Glycosyn helps replenish my glycogen levels without spiking my insulin so that my body can continue to burn fat even after my workout. Preparing for a competition or not, this is a very critical supplement if you want to achieve those goals of making the muscles pop and looking cut!”

– Logan Everett, 19, from  Pleasant Lake, Michigan is sponsored by Mount Pleasant Michigan Max Muscle 

“I, like many other racers, get very nervous prior to going to the line. Consuming food is not an option when you are nauseated and anxious. I started using Glycosyn for the carb source and energy supply that it gives me to race. My races are 50-60 minutes and on an empty stomach, that can take you to near failure including muscle cramping. I take a serving of strawberry lemonade Glycosyn before a race and it helps settle the upset while providing endurance that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

– Jolene Crouse, 42, Norco, California; Owner TrackSide Nutrition, LLC and Max Muscle Murrieta