Good-for-Your-Health Supplements That Can Boost Weight Loss, Too!

When it comes to supplements for weight loss, you probably envision all kinds of fat burners that get your blood pumping, your metabolism churning, and may possibly even give you the jitters. Well, what if we told you there are other key nutritional supplements you could take that won’t make you feel like your heart is going to explode, but instead work to get you fit and healthy for life? Bonus! They actually even help you lose weight in the process!

But first, before you start looking at supplements, make sure you work on having the proper foundations for health and fitness starting with a proper nutrition, sleep, and an exercise regimen. Once you consult your physician or qualified health care professional, you can then stop by to see a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach at your local Max Muscle Nutrition location.

Now, here are some new approaches to fat burning supplementation that step outside the box. Ready? Here we go.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Fish oil? That’s right. Usually considered a supplement for general health, fish oil can actually play a role as a missing puzzle piece to support fat loss in a major way. Fish oil supports heart health, cognitive function, a healthy neurological system, decreased inflammation, proper immune function, anti-aging, mitochondrial function, hormone expression, various interplays between these, and more.

What often goes underrepresented is how fish oil has a potent effect on fat loss. Fish oil supplementation supports insulin sensitivity, which further drives the body’s ability to lose body fat and gain muscle mass. The aforementioned inflammation reduction –– and fish oil’s role in supporting this –– also enables fat loss in the body. Fish oil supplementation also supports a reduction in cortisol, which can be a catalyst if one’s levels of this hormone are dysregulated.

Renowned strength coach and trainer of more than 800 Olympians, Charles Poliquin of the Poliquin Group, recommends daily fish oil supplementation, particularly omega 3 fish oil. The Poliquin Group recommends supplementing with Omega 3 doses ranging from 300 mg to 6,000 mg per day to support your optimal health, performance, and body composition-and your goals as a result!

Vitamin D

Most people are under the impression that vitamin D is predominantly a nutrient for your bones and that vitamin D is just another vitamin. The truth is that vitamin D’s active form is one of the most potent hormones in your body. It is involved in hundreds of processes in the body, including regulation of proper genetic and bodily function-more so than any known hormone. Without sufficient levels of this hormone, you could even die.

Specific to your goals, links have been established between vitamin D and fat loss! Multiple studies have shown associations between both vitamin D deficiencies and poor body composition, as well as higher Vitamin D levels and improved fat loss results. Renowned physician and health professional, Dr. Joseph Mercola notes, “Studies have confirmed a link between vitamin D deficiency, abdominal obesity, and visceral fat.” Mercola also points out the link between increased vitamin D levels and improved weight loss, claiming, “There appear to be strong links between vitamin D status and your weight, through various mechanisms working on multiple levels.”

Cleanse & Lean 

Did you know your gut health even affects your ability to burn fat? An emerging field of research highlights the numerous aspects of our health status that can be determined or influenced by the health profile of our gut microbiome. One such area of research is fat loss. Many leaders in the field, including functional medicine doctor Chris Kresser, are proposing a healthy gut as a missing key ingredient in the weight loss puzzle.

Enter Cleanse & Lean: This potent cleanser offers you a solution to your digestive issues as well as a way to remove excess water and waste from your body. Often stress, poor diet, and everyday issues affect our body’s ability to deal with excess fluid and waste, causing numerous problems.

Cleanse & Lean addresses the bloating or excess water that many of us hold just under our skin, helping you naturally release this excess fluid and flush it from your system, resulting in supporting you dropping weight and leaning up.

Cleanse & Lean also helps promote regularity. If you’re backed up, Cleanse & Lean will help support you getting your digestion back on track and, in the process, enable your body to absorb more nutrients, grow more muscle, and lose more weight.

Because Cleanse & Lean purifies your system in a strong fashion, it is imperative to follow up your cleanse cycle with gut-friendly foods and daily probiotic supplementation.

What are people saying?

“I’m a firm believer in using Cleanse & Lean to establish a blank slate, nutritionally speaking, especially after the holidays,” Austin Rucker, 28, of San Luis Obispo, CA. “The benefits for the GI tract and for weight loss provide a fantastic launching pad! This should be a focal point for someone starting a health and fitness regimen, especially when a gut overhaul is needed.”

High-Potency Probiotic with Vitamin D3

Now that you know your gut health can affect your ability to burn fat, how else can you support your gut health? Most people are under the impression that Probiotics are for people who experience digestion issues, that they are only necessary after a round of probiotics, or that you can get them from foods like yogurt and that supplementation is not needed–not exactly true.

The truth is that probiotics play a vital role not only in overall health and well-being but in how you digest and absorb nutrients, what your body does with excess waste, and how your body responds to a new diet.

Naturliga’s High-Potency Probiotic with Vitamin D3 is a unique and comprehensive blend of four strains of broad-spectrum “probiotic” (friendly flora) species, delivering a high potency of 30 Billion Colony Forming Units (CFU) per capsule.

This high potency blend is intended to enhance and promote the population of beneficial friendly flora in the intestinal tract ecosystem to support overall digestive, immune, urinary, and genital system health, and can absolutely help aid in weight loss.

Probiotics literally mean “for life” and are beneficial microorganisms found in the human intestine. They are essential for healthy bowel function and optimal intestinal health.

They are called “friendly bacteria” or “good bacteria” and displace the non-beneficial or “bad bacteria” in the intestine. The “bad bacteria” are responsible for sending your brain signals that you want unhealthy foods or snacks. Therefore, replacing these “bad bacteria” with “good bacteria” can also help make your dietary changes effortless.

Chris Kresser, a renowned doctor of functional medicine, frequently stresses the high-stakes implications that gut health has on the body as a whole. Such a remedy for this practice includes a gut environment rich in probiotics. Just like your fingerprint is unique to you, your unique gut environment or gut microbiome can determine almost everything about you.

For example, the types of micro-organisms in your gut microbiome can determine how energetic you are in the morning, whether you get good sleep at night, or if you will age healthly into the future.

Factors that can destroy intestinal bacteria include daily stress, aging, antibiotics, other drugs, travel, etc. Our High-Potency Probiotic with Vitamin D3 provides four carefully selected strains of lactic acid bacteria including Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, and Bifidobacterium lactis. This ultimate and broad-spectrum formula also includes the “prebiotic” Inulin/Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) from Chicory Root Extract that help sustain the beneficial bacteria.

Additionally, 25 mcg (250 % DV) of Vitamin D3 has been added to complement the benefits of the probiotics. To further enhance the aid in weight loss, links have been established between vitamin D and fat loss! Multiple studies have shown associations between both vitamin D deficiencies and poor body composition, as well as higher Vitamin D levels and improved fat loss results. A daily intake of our High-Potency Probiotic with Vitamin D3 will assure an adequate supply of the “good bacteria” for the intestinal ecosystem and healthy levels of Vitamin D3 creating a strong foundation to build.

A healthy gut is vital for athletes, everyday superheroes, and men and women of all ages. Treat your gut microbiome right and support your total health and performance with our High-Potency Probiotic with Vitamin D3! We recommend boosting your gut health even further by pairing our probiotic with Cleanse & Lean!


An equally overlooked keyholder in the fat-burning process is the liver. Believe it or not, the health status of your liver can be a major determinant of your ability to lose that stubborn body fat. Diet plays a significant role here in the pathogenesis of liver issues that have serious health consequences, including weight gain. Thankfully, the team at Max Muscle Nutrition devised L-TOX to support optimal liver health and thus support fat loss concurrently.

L-TOX was designed to help sustain maximum liver detoxification and protective factors. L-TOX contains the 20 specific and highly concentrated herbs and nutraceuticals to modulate the two main detoxification enzyme systems in the liver, known as the Phase I and Phase II pathways. L-TOX also contains important liver antioxidants and nutrients to nourish the liver for optimal function.

The liver plays a major role in metabolism performing thousands of chemical reactions per day, including the synthesis of enzymes necessary for metabolic reactions, the synthesis, processing and storing of nutrients (e.g., proteins, carbohydrates and fats) and hundreds of other metabolic reactions. The liver is also the main organ in the body that metabolizes and eliminates toxins, such as bacterial endotoxins, drugs, alcohol, environmental toxins (pollutants, pesticides, contaminants), and other harmful chemicals. The body then eliminates these metabolic end products through the urine and feces/stools.

The liver has two major detoxifications pathways named the Phase I and Phase II detoxification systems. The Phase I detoxification system is composed mainly of cytochrome P450 (CYP450) supergene family of enzymes and is generally the first line of enzymatic defense against foreign compounds to inactivate them. The Phase II system, called the conjugation pathway, follows the Phase I system and functions to transform compounds into water-soluble compounds to be excreted. If these two pathways are not supportive and working properly, reactive toxins cause damage to proteins, DNA, RNA, and other cell organelles. L-TOX contains specific herbs and nutrients that supports both Phase I and Phase II detoxification systems for optimal function.

“For most Americans, L-TOX needs to be considered with any fat loss or health regimen,” says Ian Powers, a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach for Max Muscle. “I include it in most fat-loss stacks I’m recommending.”

The big takeaway is that when you’re designing your weight-loss goals, be sure to remember that health drives performance and fitness. Do the necessary work to baseline yourself to enable optimal health and wellness, which will in turn cascade into positive effects for your waistline, muscle gain, and fitness!