GVU Wrestling Team Breaks Records with a Max Approach

Winning six straight national titles takes more than luck. For the wrestling team at Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa, it’s a matter of attitude. “Our philosophy is building a championship lifestyle by trying to be the best in all aspects of our life,” said Nick Mitchell, head wrestling coach for Grand View University. “If you do things right off the mat, you’re going to do them right on the mat, too.”

As part of doing things right, Mitchell points to the team’s dedication to training as well as academic achievement. He credits the university’s supportive administrative and coaching staff. He also said that the team relies on Max Muscle Nutrition in Clive, Iowa for supplements and meal plans. “Getting involved with Max Muscle was an opportunity for us to take it to the next level,” Mitchell said. “They talk to the team about eating right and taking care of their bodies with supplements and meal plans. Max [Muscle] has allowed us to be at optimal performance level every time we compete.”

Before a competition, the wrestlers need to make the right weight for their competition class. Often this means they must either gain or lose pounds, and it’s important to do so safely without getting dehydrated or becoming malnourished. Since most of the team lives on campus, meal plans must work with what’s served in the school cafeteria. “We created meal plans to help the team learn to eat properly and cut weight without losing strength,” said Joey Boyens, franchisee of Max Muscle Clive. “With proper nutrition, their endurance increased astronomically.”

The meal plan was key for Grant Henderson, a junior at Grand View University who won the national championship in the 165-pound weight class. “Working with Max Muscle, I am constantly fueling my body,” Henderson said. “I felt a lot stronger and my endurance was there.”

Josh Wenger, a freshman at Grand View University who won the national championship for the 141-pound weight class, said proper nutrition is now part of the championship lifestyle his coaches instill. “For me, it was about buying into doing everything right,” Wenger said. “Nutrition, school, family life – it makes everything else good.”

Boyens wanted to point out, too, that it isn’t just the winning of six straight national titles that’s impressive, the wrestling team shattered the record for most points scored by one team in tournament history. “They scored 234.5 points, which is more than the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place schools combined!” Boyens said. “The reason I think this is important is it shows the huge difference in strength and endurance that a team has when working with Max Muscle. They didn’t just win, they destroyed the opposition.”

Sample Meals
Breakfast: 3 eggs, toast, milk, and fruit
Snack: Crackers and Max Pro protein shake
Lunch and Dinner: 4 oz. meat, cup of veggies, ½ cup brown rice, almonds

Max Muscle Supplement Stack
 MaxPro Elite
 Carnosyn (pre-workout)
 Glutamine (post- workout)

By Jessica Wyland