Have You Tried Aerial Yoga?

Aerial silks and yoga are a fun, great way to stay in shape! You can build upper body strength, core strength, balance, and coordination all while challenging yourself to learn artistic new skills.

Aerial silk is a long piece of fabric that is suspended from the ceiling. An aerialist can use the fabric to climb, dance, wind, wrap, and drop.

Some things you can expect to learn in an aerial silks class are climbing up and down the silks, making foot knots, and of course those beautiful stylistic drops (when you’re a little more advanced). As a new student you will learn new skills low to the ground before taking them high to build confidence and ensure safety.

Aerial yoga is a class where students are on a looped piece of fabric (think of a hammock), two carabiners attach the fabric to the ceiling. There are so many great benefits to aerial yoga including: flexibility, decompressing your spine, muscular strength, and relaxing.

In antigravity, or most aerial yoga classes, you will be suspended in air, breathing deeply, creating awareness in your body, flowing through basic poses that are similar to yoga poses, and inverting. When you get to more advanced levels of Antigravity you can find yourself flipping, twisting, and swinging. Antigravity yoga’s philosophy is when you open up space in your body you open up space in your mind.

Be patient with yourself. It takes time to build strength, skills and confidence.

Make sure all rigging is done professionally, don’t ever try to do this yourself.
If you have any health issues consult with a doctor before starting aerial silks or yoga.
Take classes from professionals, aerial can be very dangerous and you want to make sure you are being properly instructed and educated.

Tips to Be Successful
Before you go to class you can work on stretching, pull-ups or assisted pull-ups, core strength like hanging leg lifts or straddle backs, and squeezing hand grippers for strength.

How to Prepare
Wear tight clothing that covers your knees and armpits (loose clothing can get caught in the fabric). Remove jewelry (rings and necklaces can snag or get caught in the fabric). And, don’t eat right before class (remember you will be going upside down). MS&F

About the Author: Leah Gruber developed a passion for aerial arts while in college. She immediately got hooked and pursued a career as an aerial artist in Las Vegas performing in shows and for special events and parties. Today, she is a certified yoga and suspension instructor pursuing a career in teaching aerial arts.