Iowa Teacher Loses 150 Pounds on Her Weight-Loss Journey

At nearly 300 pounds, Carly Stahn wasn’t living life. The 31-year-old teacher, wife, and mother from Des Moines, Iowa felt like she was merely existing. Two years ago, Carly was finally ready to start a weight-loss journey—an endeavor that resulted in her losing more than 60 inches and almost 150 pounds. 

“My weight was impacting every aspect of my life and I needed to make a change … I just didn’t realize it,” Carly said. “It took a good friend inviting me to the gym and continuing to invite me until I finally agreed. I realized just how bad of shape I was in and how bad I had let myself get.”

Carly’s Statistics
Beginning weight: 288 pounds
Current weight: 155 pounds
Beginning body fat: 48.5 percent
Current body fat: 27 percent

Carly kept going back to the gym, Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping in Waukee, Iowa, for kickboxing, and other fitness classes. After eight months, she was seeing great results but had hit a plateau. The number on the scale wasn’t moving and her body was not getting as toned as she wanted it to. Her trainer suggested she work with Joey Boyens, a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and owner of the Max Muscle Nutrition in Clive, Iowa. 

“Carly was honestly a perfect client for me,” Joey said. “She was so driven and determined to succeed that she had me write special plans for her while she vacationed with her family.”

Joey built a customized nutrition plan for Carly including what time of the day she should be eating her meals and the best choices to make at each one of them. They also came up with a daily supplement routine to help Carly get fast, long-lasting results.

“Carly achieved her success by simply not allowing herself to have excuses and being dedicated to what she set out to do,” Joey said. “It’s easy to get sidetracked on this kind of journey. There are so many pitfalls, temptations, and life events that come up that make it easy for people to give up. Carly never did that.”

Carly’s Tips for Success
1. Know that you are worth it—everyone is worth investing in themselves.
2. Believe that you can achieve anything you want—Just set your goal and then do everything possible to meet that goal.
3. Be persistent and consistent.
4. Get people in your life who hold you accountable.

Needless to say, Carly feels amazing. She has a lot more energy to devote to her daughters, Emme and Sicily, and is celebrating her 13th wedding anniversary with her husband, Matt. She is a Girl Scout troop leader and activity chair for the school parent-teacher organization. She also started a side gig as a stylist for Stella & Dot. In her free time, Carly loves to travel, read, and hang out with my family. She continues to meet with Joey to adjust her nutrition plan and supplement stack. 

“I am happier, more active, more outgoing, and have a new lease on life,” Carly said. “I am a better mother, wife, teacher, and friend because my body can now keep up with the life I want. I’m more confident, love to take on new challenges, and do my best to help inspire others with my story.”

Carly’s Meal Plan & Supplement Stack
• Six high-protein meals a day (customized by Joey Boyens)
• MaxPro Elite protein
• Emerge every morning—half before her 5 a.m. workout and half as she’s getting ready for the day.
• Vit-Acell Liquid Multi
• Max GlutaMatrix
• Essential Omegas

Carly’s Workouts
• Kickboxing and upper/lower body workouts with bands for 45 minutes, five days a week
• FIT class for 1.5 hours twice a week
• At least one weekly run of 4 to 7 miles

If you would like help with nutrition and supplementation to achieve a specific goal, visit your nearest Max Muscle Nutrition store and speak to a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach today!!

By Jessica Wyland