Kick Your Fat-Burning Metabolism Into Gear without Stimulants

LiquiCarn by Max Muscle Nutrition is a healthy and non-stimulating way of promoting a fat-burning metabolism. LiquiCarn is a high-potency dietary supplement providing 1,250 mg of bioactive and fast-acting liquid L-carnitine per serving to promote efficient fat burning throughout the day for those wanting to lose weight or optimize fat as a fuel source for building muscle during exercise.

LiquiCarn provides benefits for athletes by optimizing performance, delaying the onset of fatigue and improving recovery time. Additional benefits of L-carnitine include promoting cardiovascular health, brain wellness, healthy aging and male fertility.

In terms of function, L-carnitine plays a critical role in transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria – known as the “furnace of the cells” – for fat burning to produce energy (technically known as beta-oxidation). Without L-carnitine, fatty acids just sit idle waiting to be shuttled into the mitochondria. This process also helps prevent fatty acid buildup and fat stores in addition to maintaining healthy blood triglyceride levels.

L-Carnitine and its precursors, lysine and methionine, force the body to use fats for energy while sparing carbohydrate (glycogen) for potential use for endurance performance.

LiquiCarn will help maintain peak L-carnitine levels in those body tissues having a high demand for energy such as skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle. To maximize the fat burning and energy effectiveness of L-carnitine, important cofactors like vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and pantothenic acid are included in Max LiquiCarn.

With LiquiCarn, there is no need to swallow pills as this product comes in a delicious citrus flavored liquid that can be taken alone or with a citrus or berry flavored protein shake.

LiquiCarn is specially formulated to work with other weight loss products in the Max Muscle Nutrition line. For a non-stimulating fat-loss stack, add LiquiCarn to Max CLA or Quadra Cuts Night-Time. For a stimulant stack, add LiquiCarn to products like LipoRed, Emerge, and ThermX 2.0.

LiquiCarn is perfectly safe for healthy adults, but pregnant or lactating women should check with their physician prior to use. There are no known toxic effects of taking L-carnitine, however, D-carnitine, or DL-carnitine, is toxic and should not be taken. LiquiCarn guarantees to only contain the safe L-carnitine form.

As with any weight loss product, best results are experienced when used with a reduced caloric diet, exercise and a behavior modification program.

By Phil Harvey, PhD, RD, FACN, head of product development for Max Muscle Nutrition