Knee Pain With Leg Curls

By Dr. Ron J. Higuera, D.C., M.S. ART

What could cause pain in my knee when I do knee curls?

Q:I have pain in the back of my knee when I do leg curls and whenever I walk downstairs. My doctor says my X-Rays are negative. What could be my problem?

A: The two most common conditions that cause pain in what's called the popliteal space are Baker's Cysts or, more frequently, the popliteus muscle.  This muscle is also very significant due to its insertion onto the lateral meniscus. When this muscle is not functioning correctly, the lateral meniscus is unable to accommodate the knees normal movement.  This also is one of the simplest conditions to cure with Active Release Techniques®, usually in one treatment, you will notice an increase in range of motion and decreased pain.


Stretches for sacroiliac join problems

Q: I have been told I have a sacroiliac joint problem and I keep getting adjusted, but it always goes out again. Are there any stretches or exercises I can do?

A: The problem you have is a musculoligamentous problem not a joint problem. Appropriate treatment to the sacrotuberous and dorsal sacral ligaments will significantly decrease your pain. The hamstrings may also need to be treated and stretched. ART providers are specialists in musculoligamentous conditions such as what you have described.