Makeup at the Gym? Sure! But Be Sure To Follow These Tips

It’s safe to say that wearing a lot of makeup to the gym isn’t the best thing, because you put yourself at risk to clogged pores, smeared eyeliner, and runny mascara. Yet, there are still some days when you are wanting to look done-up, even when working out. Wearing makeup to the gym can be acceptable, if you wear the right products. Here are a few must-have products when wearing makeup to the gym.

1. Waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara can be a huge lifesaver when you’re working out and constantly sweating at the gym. It still has the same consistency as normal mascara, so your lashes will be looking long, curled, and flawless, but on the plus side, this mascara won’t end up all over the sides of your face. When you go to the gym, you’re the one who is meant to do the running, not your mascara!

2. Oil-free tinted moisturizer. Wearing an oil-free tinted moisturizer helps you achieve that beautiful, shear, and natural coverage, without having a full-face of foundation. It’s light, airy, and most importantly, not cakey! This is a positive when you’re wanting to cover any blemishes or discoloration you may have, without causing you to get any breakouts.

3. Brow pomade. We all know that your eyebrows can make or break you, so using a waterproof brow pomade will definitely up your brow game at the gym. You can naturally fill in your brows with a pomade and thin angled brush, making them look fuller and thicker, without having to worry about them wiping off mid-workout.

4. Tinted lip balm. If you’re wanting a very subtle lip color, then a tinted lip balm is the product for you! Not only does it give your lips a little pop of flirtatious color, but it also helps keep them moisturized throughout your workout. It isn’t sticky like a lip-gloss, but it does assist in making your lips shine, which is a plus in my book!

5. Setting Spray. This is key in making your makeup last while at the gym. Using a setting spray after applying your tinted moisturizer and brow pomade, will aid in keeping your makeup intact, no matter how sweaty you get. A few sprays will ensure that your makeup will be looking flawless throughout your entire workout!

By Rachel Ward