MMA Competitor Austin Vanderford Tells What It Takes to Win

For Mixed Martial Arts fighter Austin Vanderford, the secret to success is a matter of positive thinking. That, along with a lot of training and proper nutrition.

Vanderford, 27, is a recent graduate of Southern Oregon University and working toward his goal of competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship or Bellator. He spends four to six hours each day training in strength and conditioning, boxing, kickboxing, sparring, and jiu jitsu.

“I work as hard as I possibly can,” Vanderford said. “Bettering myself is what really drives me. I go into a fight truly believing that there’s no way this guy can beat me. I have confidence in myself, in my training, and in my coaches. All of that plays into being mentally strong.”

Now, Vanderford’s focus is on professional competition. To make that dream a reality, Vanderford knows he has to take good care of himself. He carefully monitors his diet to stay within his weight class. He starts his day with Vit-Acell and follows each workout with Pro BCAA and MaxPro protein.

Austin’s Stats 
Weight Class: Welterweight
Last Weigh-In: 170 pounds
Height: 5’11
Amateur Record: 5 wins, 0 losses
Pro Record: 1 win, 0 losses

Supplement Stack
Morning: Vit-Acell and Barlean’s fish oil
Post-workout: Pro BCAA and Max Pro Elite protein

Austin’s Fitness Advice
Find something you’re passionate about and work toward that goal. Whether it’s lifting weights or running or anything you love to do to get in shape.

“For any high-level professional athlete, the most important thing is taking care of your body, making sure you’re eating the right things and taking the right supplements,” Vanderford said. “Max Muscle has been super. They really help me out. I have to monitor my weight and the MaxPro protein is perfect for me.”

For supplements and nutrition advice, Vanderford works with Mike Huard, owner of the Max Muscle Nutrition franchise in Medford, Oregon.

“I knew about Austin because he won two national wrestling championships for Southern Oregon University,” Huard said. “Then, I watched one of his amateur fights and it was no contest. He’s a great fighter. He’s talented and motivated and a fine young man.”

What really sets Vanderford apart from other fighters, according to Huard, is his intelligence, ambition, and work ethic. Vanderford understands what he must do to maintain his strength and weight, such as taking protein supplements. More than that, he knows why each supplement is essential for his body.

Huard expects to one day see Vanderford fighting professionally, provided he continues to train hard and take care of himself. For Vanderford, this approach is a given.

“We rely on our bodies to do so much that is so important to have proper nutrition, drink enough water, and take the right supplements,” Vanderford said. “That’s why I really like the Max muscle products because I can truly tell a difference.”