Recover Faster with GlutaMatrix

Years after its release, Max Muscle Nutrition continues to proudly stand behind one of its most innovative recovery products, GlutaMatrix. To date, GlutaMatrix, an advanced glutamine complex, remains not only the most complete glutamine product on the market, but one of the best recovery supplements available! Additionally, it makes achieving total body recovery as convenient as possible! If it isn’t already part of your nutritional lineup, GlutaMatrix is worth giving a second glance.

How Does It Work?
The Product Development Team at MMSN has specialized in high quality glutamine supplements for over a decade, and GlutaMatrix raises the bar to take it to the next level with GlutaTri Triple Fusion technology, an advanced proprietary blend consisting of four unique forms of glutamine. Additionally, the formulation is in a buffered matrix that is pH balanced to support optimal absorption. L-glutamine is the original free form amino acid compound which easily crosses the gut to reach the blood stream. Glutamine peptide is a more stable form of glutamine and it can be delivered more rapidly due to its peptide nature. Acetyl-L-glutamine is a new and unique form of delivery in that the Acetyl group is useful for replenishing brain neurotransmitters after a hard workout. Glutamine Ethyl Ester is also new, and the Ethyl Ester delivery is well known in the pharmaceutical realm, as it assists in enhanced absorption into cells.

Glutamine is in high demand throughout the body and is involved in many metabolic processes. It is considered a “workhorse” amino acid. As the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle, glutamine is often depleted due to overtraining, stress and poor diet. “Research indicates that body builders, fitness and strength athletes, and other active people often do not produce enough glutamine within their liver to restore critical glutamine levels within a reasonable time frame following training,” states Max Muscle Sports Nutrition’s Chief Science Officer Dr. Philip Harvey.

Supplemental glutamine is critical to minimize muscle breakdown and repair heavily trained muscles and support the natural production of human growth hormone, which is also important to muscle recovery and gains. Glutamine also supports the immune system and allows for more intense training.

Research suggests that more frequent dosages of glutamine throughout the day are more effective than larger, less frequent dosages at providing support for Growth Hormone, muscle recovery and immune function. GlutaMatrix provides an easy and convenient way to achieve this continuous intake throughout the day.

How Do I Take It? Who Is It For?
For the ultimate recovery from exercise, consume 1 scoop of GlutaMatrix post-workout. With the unflavored formula, GlutaMatrix offers the convenience of being able to mix the product with any type of beverage easily. “I take GlutaMatrix because it helps me keep up with my training demands,” says personal trainer Elias Saleh. “The glutamine blends provided by GlutaMatrix are unlike anything else I’ve ever tried, and that’s a good thing!”

Key Features of GlutaMatrix

  • Optimal Recovery
  • Minimized Muscle Breakdown
  • Immune Function Fortification
  • Supports Skeletal Muscle Health
  • Improves Digestive Health
  • Multi-Sourced Glutamine Blend
  • Can Suppress Sugar Cravings

For added general health benefits, it behooves the user to consume another serving of GlutaMatrix for a second serving at a different time during the day, regardless of exercise timing.

GlutaMatrix can be added to other recovery products, such as Max Muscle’s Max A.R.M. (Anabolic Recovery Matrix). “GlutaMatrix can be combined with essentially any other sports performance product for a substantial competitive edge,” maintains Dr. Harvey.

Furthermore, glutamine has such a wide array of general health benefits that it is recommended to make glutamine supplementation an integral part of your nutritional lineup. This is where GlutaMatrix reigns supreme. Due to its inclusion of multiple-sourced glutamines, it is comparable to consuming an immediate serving of glutamine, followed by an interim and third serving as well. But you don’t have to do that with GlutaMatrix. This not only makes GlutaMatrix more effective, but more cost effective as well.

Certified nutrition coach Marc Backovich makes GlutaMatrix a staple of his and his clients’ nutrition regimens for digestive health. “Glutamine has a synergistic effect with more commonly used digestive health supplements, such as probiotics and digestive enzymes. Glutamine supplementation rounds out the effect these have on the G.I. tract, making it a must for digestive health. I rank it up there with a multivitamin and fish oil in terms of importance.”

Train hard and get the most from your workouts with GlutaMatrix.