Six Reasons To Work Out with a Training Buddy

Training buddies are often an essential element of a good consistent workout plan, and here are some reasons why.

(1) A buddy will hold you responsible for not making it to the gym on time. If you train alone, you’re not letting anyone down when you are late or miss a workout. That guilt factor makes a huge difference when training. And it works vice versa as well – when they are late or are making excuses, you get them motivated.

(2) You can share training ideas. I have been training with the same partner for more than 5 years. We take turns calling out the next exercise. This works out great because many of my favorites are not his and it helps us get a balanced workout.

(3) We can help each other avoid talking too much to other people. Often times we get interrupted by chatty friends in the gym. Neither of us want to be rude, so we help each other out with a simple suggestion of “Let’s Go,” and now the chatty friend backs off and we get back to work.

(4) We remind each other about supplements and nutrition. If we have a tough workout, then it’s not unusual for us to text each other and complain about how sore we are and make sure we take plenty of protein, etc.

(5) A training buddy can make training go by much faster. You should try to find a buddy you have something in common with. This can help the time go faster with some friendly conversation between sets. I especially believe in this for biking or cardio training. A good conversation can help a ½ hour seem like 10 minutes!

(6) You can plan make outings a family and friends affair. It’s super fun to plan family outings with your wives and kids and your training partner’s family that include mountain biking, hiking, beach trips, etc. These are fun healthy weekend outings that go beyond the gym.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to find a good training partner. Be careful not to get one who is too chatty or validates your excuses. You need someone dedicated to a goal and that will help motivate you. And in return, you help them out as well. In this modern day of social media, there are even apps like WorkoutBuddies to help find others to train with. But do be careful as it is important to find someone you get along with as well.

Don’t be part of the 8 percent who abandon their resolutions! Set your goals and stick with them. If you fall off for a few days, get back on quick and keep reminding yourself of your goals. And get that training buddy to help you stay on track.

By Joe Wells, CEO Max Muscle