Slow & Steady Wins the Weight-Loss Race

Kerry “KC” McCloud, 38, has been on a weight-loss journey since she was 18. She tried BeachBody, TLS, Advocare, and Metabolife. She lost weight with each program, but after 90 days, she’d drop it and eventually gain the weight back.

It wasn’t until she heard from some friends who had had success with Steve Lucchino at Max Muscle Nutrition in Omaha, Nebraska that her real journey began. She went in to see him in May of this year and was impressed with his knowledge and his “tell-it-like-it-is” approach.

KC went in with a number in her head of what she wanted to weigh. Steve quickly changed that thought process for her. “He told me the number on the scale doesn’t mean anything.” With that, they decided to set KC’s first goal to get below 40 percent body fat, which she did in the first 12 weeks of her program.

“The biggest thing that helped her was learning that food wasn’t the enemy,” Steve said. “She learned to fuel her body for her workouts and life and still achieve her fat loss goals. She doesn’t have to live life starving and miserable. She no longer fears food. That in itself is a win.”

From KC’s perspective, Steve taught her that food is her friend. “It is the fuel my body needs,” she said. “He also showed me the correct foods to eat to make forward progress.”

In addition to her meal plan, KC has been doing CrossFit five to six days a week and she is taking at least four supplements to help her achieve even better results. These include A.R.M. for post-workout recovery, Joint Relief 2.0 for healthy joints, MaxPro Elite protein, and Emerge for weight loss and energy.

The results have been slow and steady, but she’s OK with that because she feels this is a lifestyle she can maintain. Even during not-so-awesome weigh ins, KC doesn’t get derailed. “One slip up does not constitute failure,” she said. “It does not undo weeks or even days of progress.”

In fact, her advice to others who feel they may have failed is to “regroup and get back after it on the next meal,” she said. “It is a process. Nothing happens overnight. It is all about consistency.”

KC, who is currently working on a nursing aide certification, is still progressing on her journey. From May 18th to her most recent weigh-in, she was down 34.6 pounds on the scale, but more importantly, she was down 10.65 percent body fat, had lost 40 pounds of fat, and had increased her lean body mass by 5.4 pounds.

“To me, more impressive than KC’s physical change is her mental transformation,” Steve said. “She has completely changed her views on food. … That mental change will be with her for the rest of her life. Now, she doesn’t have to fight the struggle of gaining and losing. She has the knowledge and the tools to make the lifestyle stick. That is what we strive for. Building lifestyles, for life.”