Influencer Program

If you have a passion for a fit, healthy lifestyle, you’re in the right place.

You’re invited to join a community of like-minded, motivated goal-getters so you can achieve bigger, better dreams together. Max Muscle wants to support you in your goals — from health and fitness, to growing your brand, to seeing some gains in your wallet, too. As nutrition experts, we’re passionate about helping you grow your nutritional health knowledge so you can become an expert, too!

Let’s boost each other toward our dreams by doing what we love — TOGETHER! That’s what this program is all about.

Welcome to MaxLife!



How it Works

Here is a quick overview on how the new platform works:


Missions Tab: For receiving points there is a tab that is called Missions. The missions tab will tell you things you can do to earn points for your profile. Each Mission there is a hexagon on the right side. The number tells you how many points each mission is worth.  This hexagon would be worth 10 points. If there is a  (repeat symbol) this is a mission that can be repeated. Each time you complete a Mission, you will level up and be given more missions to get to the next level. It’s a super fun way to build up to each level and in doing so earn more rewards every time!


Rewards Tab: The rewards tab will show you the rewards that you have earned. Click on the box under the rewards to learn more about the rewards and what is available for you to redeem for products or cash!



Max Muscle Ambassadors Tab: Under this tab there is five “tiers.” The five tiers are ranked by Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Tier. These tiers will fill up as you earn points and finish missions. Each tier has something instore for you as soon as you fill up a tier.


   Bronze: This first tier gives you the opportunity to gain experience being a Max Muscle Brand Ambassador!

As a Bronze Tier Ambassador, we will send you a...

- Max Muscle T-shirt
- Max Muscle Shaker Cup

   Silver: Rewards in the Silver Tier Include:
- $35 Max Muscle Gift Card
- Possibility of an Instagram Shoutout
- Invite to our VIP Facebook Group
- Stainless Max Muscle Water-bottle

   Gold: Rewards in the Gold Tier Include:
- $100 Max Muscle Gift Card
- Gold Tier Ambassador Jacket
- Gold Tier Ambassador Gym Bag

   Platinum: Rewards in the Platinum Tier Include:

- $250 Max Muscle Gift Card
- Earn 5% Commission on Affiliate Sales
- Exclusive Blog Interview

   Diamond: Rewards in the Diamond Tier Include:

- $1,000 Max Muscle Gift Card
- Earn 10% Commission on Affiliate Sales


Loyalty: Use the email address that you signed up with as an ambassador and earn points with every purchase that you make on!



Bronze Tier


Silver Tier


Gold Tier


Platinum Tier


Diamond Tier