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Get Your Win

Max Muscle Nutrition was founded on a commitment to quality for better health. Start with supplements that you can be confident in to support your lifestyle. 


Searching for trusted supplements to combine for desired results can be a struggle. That’s where we come in. Max Muscle Nutrition makes it easier to meet your unique needs with consistent quality you can count on. Get 10% off your first order.


Clinically-proven ingredients in emerge™ suppress appetite, increase energy, and elevate metabolism. The unique blend promotes a metabolic shift toward lean body composition.


cleanse & lean

The formula in cleanse & lean improves health and addresses digestive issues. It prevents bloating, water retention, and irregularity, to help eliminate excess weight.


maxpro ELITE™

This versatile high-quality protein powder is perfect for optimal muscle protein synthesis and sports performance. It contains 30 grams of multi-source protein per serving.


ARM Plus+™

Our innovative post-workout formula was designed for optimal muscle recovery and rehydration. Its comprehensive blend of nutrients supports muscle growth, repair, and recovery.



This liquid supplement delivers high-potency nutrition. Its comprehensive blend of essential ingredients supports overall health, athletic performance, muscle growth, and recovery. 


How to Get Your Win

We know better than anyone that you can’t get your win until you begin. If getting started seems stressful, take a look at our blog to make learning about healthy lifestyles a little easier.

30 Years Of Wins

Max Muscle Nutrition was established in 1991 because it was tough to find trusted supplements. Since then, a commitment to quality has been at the forefront of our culture. We've created a fitness community that knows it can count on our supplements and our brand for support. You can get your win with us no matter what that looks like.

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