Running Low On Energy? Here Are A Few Tips To Boost That Slump!

Our busy schedules can wear us out leaving us absent of energy before the sun even goes down! So how do you keep up? There are many ways to boost your energy both naturally and unnatural. So below I have listed just a few of both that help boost my energy!

If you know the feeling of a hangover, that’s how I feel when I lack sufficient rest. Having so much going on all of the time does not allow my brain to shut off, so I force it to shut off. I feel it is important to make the effort to shut out all work, screaming kids, electronics, or whatever craziness you have going on in your world. I lie quietly in my bed, even if it’s for five minutes and be in tune with nothing other than my breathing. Make this a daily habit, and you will see a difference. Aside from that, I do my best to get at least seven hours of sleep! During sleep is when our body is resetting itself and recharging your energy to tackle the next day to come.

Who hasn’t heard that healthy food gives you energy?! As cliché as it may sound, it really is true! I notice a fairly large dip in my energy when I tend to eat more refined and processed foods. My workouts become more difficult as I find myself breathing heavier and not able to perform well. Not to mention, whenever I veer off track from my normal regimen I become less motivated making it more difficult to get myself to the gym. The quality of food affects the amount of energy used in the digestion process. The harder is to digest the food, the more energy your robbing yourself of throughout the day. On the contrary, clean food is easily digested and allows your body use its energy more efficiently over longer periods of time.

This is probably the last thing you want to do when you find yourself zapped of energy. You are also probably wondering how to make it happen when you lack the energy. Believe it or not, exercise gives you more energy. How many times have you worked out and felt miserable after? This is because exercise releases endorphins, a “feel good” chemical that increases our energy levels and enhances our overall mood. Gaining lean muscle mass over time will make it easier for your body to tackle your daily routine thus resulting in less exhaustion and more energy! This is why it is important to have a challenging workout routine that you are consistently making time for week after week.



I’m not going to lie, I’m a caffeine junkie! I find that when I have a serving of caffeine pre-workout, my sessions are more intense and I get a better burn! On lifting days I take StimoVEX as this helps me achieve a great pump. Most pre-workouts tend to give you jitters leaving you anxious and out of breath. This is why I enjoy taking Max Muscle supplements because they help me focus on my workout rather than my heart pounding out of my chest.

On non-lifting days whether it be just cardio or even a full day in front of my computer, I enjoy taking Emerge. This product gives me a ‘good alert feeling’ which has me motivated to tackle any task, even the ones I sometimes dread (chores and cardio). If you want a more natural approach have a serving of Vit-Acell. This concentrated liquid is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, which naturally boosts your energy. I take this as an afternoon pick-up or pre-workout when I am on a caffeine-cleanse.