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By Brian Missirlian

As humans, we are often drawn toward the path of least resistance. Many people want to achieve success without putting in the necessary time and effort. Instant gratification is the name of the game for most, but not here. Supplements are not made to function as substitutes for a healthy lifestyle. They are made to accentuate the effects of living a healthy life and eating nutritious foods.

If you want to lose weight and burn fat without putting in the work and the time, you have come to the wrong place. Our weight loss and diet supplements are here to accelerate your health journey. Supplements are not magic, but they will take you one step closer to reaching your goals and becoming the best version of yourself. They play a crucial role in helping you achieve better and faster results, and are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle once your goals are achieved.

Weight loss and diet supplements vary according to their functions. These functions include appetite suppression, thermogenesis, cleansing, and boosting your metabolic rate. Appetite suppressants reduce your feelings of hunger and help you feel satiated longer. Thermogenesis is the production of heat, whereby your body’s temperature rises like a furnace. This increase in metabolic heat assists in fat burning processes. Cleansing agents assist in the elimination of excess waste and water from the body. Finally, metabolic boosters increase the rate of metabolism, thereby encouraging the body to utilize fat cells as energy rather than to store them. Burn, baby, burn! Every one of Max Muscle Nutrition’s weight loss supplements serves at least one of these functions, if not more.

Emerge/Emerge Hardcore

Emerge contains clinically proven weight loss ingredients combined to suppress appetite, increase the body’s metabolic rate, increase energy, and supply maximum calorie burning through a process called fuel partitioning. Fuel partitioning is when the body shifts from storing fat to burning it and utilizing it for energy.

As if Emerge was not already enough, Max Muscle Nutrition created Emerge HC (hardcore). Emerge HC stepped up and added a fat-burning agent, the ThermoMax blend, on top of the original Emerge blend. ThermoMax contains caffeine, Gynostemma pentaphyllum, Berberine, Green Tea Extract, and Yohimbine. This powerful combination of ingredients is supported by published scientific studies, which show evidence that it increases metabolic thermogenesis, supports a positive mood, and increases mental clarity, focus, and motivation. When you use Emerge or Emerge HC, the fuel-partitioning benefits pair with all of the other effects, which can ultimately lead to significant lean body composition changes.

Penny Missirlian, 62, of Enterprise, Alabama, reported that Emerge has improved her mood and given her the energy she needs as an active adult continuing to thrive in a healthy lifestyle. 

“I am so glad to replace my afternoon coffee with something sweet, delicious, refreshing and so much better,” she said. “As a 62-year-old who refuses to retire in a rocking chair, Max Muscle Nutrition has launched me into the second half of my life.”


LiquiCarn by Max Muscle Nutrition provides 1,250 mg of bioactive and fast-acting liquid L-Carnitine per serving. This promotes efficient fat burning for those wanting to lose weight or use fat as an energizing fuel source during exercise. Research indicates that L-Carnitine helps the body transport fat molecules to the mitochondria of the cell, where they are burned for energy. Muscles utilize this energy, of course — but it’s used by the heart and other body tissues as well for critical functions. L-Carnitine also promotes cardiovascular health, brain wellness, male fertility, and healthy aging.

NPC competitor Larry Crawford, 45, of Las Vegas, Nevada, credits LiquiCarn for his great success in competition and in achieving a consistently low body fat percentage. 

“I just recently won the NPC Muscle Contest Challenge at age 45, taking 1st place in the Masters 40+, 1st place in the Masters 35+, and 1st place in the Open all age groups 18 and up,” he shared. He also took the Overall in the Masters and the Overall in the Open, beating out all the competition to win the show. “This could have never been done without [Max Muscle] products and especially LiquiCarn.” 

Larry continues to consume LiquiCarn every morning before his cardio workouts and maintains an incredible body fat percentage of 3 percent.

Lipo Red

Lipo Red is a powerful fat burner formulated with specific ingredients intended to elevate thermogenesis in the body, suppress appetite, provide intense energy for longer periods, and to promote an efficient fat-burning metabolism. These ingredients are supported by science-based evidence and they are all conveniently located in this one comprehensive, all-purpose weight loss formula.

Lipo Red utilizes the process known as lipolysis. Lipolysis is when stored fat in the body is released, mobilized, oxidized, and utilized for energy. If you are not already convinced of LipoRed’s fat-burning capabilities, it goes a step further to attack deep fat stores through multiple pathways by stimulating both white and brown fatty adipose tissues. This is a cutting-edge, fat-burning formula and it contains top-quality, effective ingredients. Are you ready to get your burn on?

Quadra Cuts Night-Time

Would it not be a dream to be able to burn additional fat and calories in your sleep? With Quadra Cuts Night-Time, that dream has become a reality. This formula is designed to support fat metabolism throughout the night without the stimulating effects that would keep you awake. One serving contains four scientifically proven, non-stimulating fat-loss accelerators including L-Carnitine, 7-Keto, DHEA, Garcinia cambogia extract, and chromium.

In addition to the Night-Time Burn Blend, Quadra Cuts Night-Time also serves as a natural relaxant and sleep aid. The ingredients that make up the Relaxation and Sleep Blend increase alpha-wave production in the brain, promote relaxation, and improve the quality of sleep. Be productive while you sleep, and start utilizing Quadra Cuts Night-Time to take your fat-burning potential to a whole new level.

ThermX 2.0

ThermX 2.0 is a fat burner and it is truly one of a kind. The unique formula is comprised of three different blends of ingredients that all work together to provide you with quality fat loss and nootropic benefits. ThermX 2.0 supports rapid and effective fat loss, thermogenic activity, appetite management, water loss, focus, and prolonged energy. The Energy and Thermogenic Blend in ThermX 2.0 contains ingredients to produce energy while fueling your metabolic furnace. The Water-Loss Blend contains a combination of herbs designed to naturally remove excess water and reduce bloating. Finally, Appetite Management and Nootropic Blend suppress appetite while also providing significant benefits to mental wellbeing and cognitive function. ThermX 2.0 is formulated with clinically validated weight-loss ingredients so it can help carry you closer to achieving your goals.

Cleanse & Lean/Cleanse & Lean Advanced

As the name suggests, Cleanse & Lean improves health and promotes quick weight loss through the removal of subcutaneous water and waste from the body. Many of us work hard to build muscle and want to see those results every day. Cleanse & Lean can help you look leaner and harder fast. It removes the excess water that many of us hold just under our skin while reducing bloating, water retention, and irregularity. This unique formula cleanses your system of impurities. It assists in promoting a healthy digestive tract and urinary tract while shedding pounds and improving daily function.

Cleanse & Lean proved so popular and effective, that Max Muscle Nutrition took the formula a step further, creating Cleanse & Lean Advanced. In addition to the intestinal cleanse complex from the original formula, this blend also contains appetite management and a thermogenic complex. The ingredients that compose Cleanse & Lean Advanced work together to facilitate healthy elimination, appetite suppression, thermogenesis, and water loss. Cleanse your body and experience what it truly means to be a lean machine.

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